Matsuzo Potato Sweet Potato Cake at Isetan Scotts

Sweet potato cakes might not receive as much hype as cheese tarts, but we reckon that they might soon be popular for us locals who are never satisfied! We ventured to Matsuzo Potato at Isetan Scotts this time round. To be honest, we seldom buy snacks off the shelf, but this one caught our eye due to its beautiful packaging. It better taste as good as it looks!

Matsuzo Potato Sweet Potato Cake at Isetan Scottsadmin | FeedMe

There are countless options to choose from, so we narrowed down to 4 types that we might prefer. First up will be the big sweet potato cake (SGD$3.30). This cake uses sweet potatoes grown in Kagoshima and Miiyazaki prefectures. We’re no geography experts, but it certainly tastes like they are born and bred right from humble Japanese villages!

Matsuzo Potato Sweet Potato Cake at Isetan Scotts

Next up would be the Pote Koro (the only one at the middle, for SGD$1.80). This is probably the only cake that melts in your mouth. We regretted buying only 1, given that it is one of the cheaper options – but it could easily be the most satisfying treat of the lot!

The Bucella (round ones coated with chocolate, for SGD$2.30) did not really taste extremely authentic, possibly due to the chocolate flavour, but we’re not complaining, as this tastes refreshing.

Let the other cakes do the work to bring out the full sweet potato flavour! Last up would be the Temari Potato (ball-like shaped with purple stripes, SGD$1.80) that tastes pretty unique, too. It is shaped like Temari, a Japanese traditional handball with purple sweet potatoes.

We placed individual orders for the cakes, but the shop would recommend the Matsuzo Set, priced at SGD$16. Yes, it is pricey, but we expect nothing less from sweet potato sourced from homely Japanese prefectures! What we like about all cakes will be the mashed potato’s texture, soft, flavourful and unique at least from a local’s point of view. A refreshing change away from the usual cheese tarts!

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